# Features

# Availability

Windows Linux macOS
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# Special Features

# Plugin Support

With our plugin system, you can use Trojan/SSR together within Qv2ray.

And benefit from the robost routing engine provided by V2ray.

No More Buggy PAC Configurations

Imagine SSR / Trojan (and many more in the future) connections within ONE GUI?

# Routing Matrix

Qv2ray’s built-in routing matrix will allow you configure your custom routing scheme, especially when you want to access some websites, which is not in the default routing rule, with proxy.

Following V2ray’s Routing Syntax, but with Auto-Completing (Typo-free)

Our full-featured complex editor allows you create, edit your own connection configuration. Including Routing Table, Multiple inbounds / outbounds.

Just The Same As Writing V2ray’s JSON Configuration File Directly, But With Powerful GUI

# V2ray Log highlighter

The log of V2ray is the most difficult thing to understand if things goes wrong.

Qv2ray provides syntax highlighting for V2ray’s log output.

Saving your time when debugging the connection issue.

# General Features

# Connection Importing

  • Versatile Host Importing

    • Batched Vmess Importing with Error Tolerance
    • Direct Importing from JSON Files
    • Screen QR Code / QR Code File Importing
    • Advanced / Manual Configuration
  • Subscriptions

    • Manual Updating
    • Automated Updating

# Connection Editing

  • Built-in Host Editors

    • Simple Outbound Editor
    • Custom JSON Editor
  • Full Functionality Support

    • Automatic Connecting
    • Multiplexing
    • Start with System Login
    • System Proxy Integration (Windows / macOS / Linux GNOME and KDE)

# Connection Exporting

  • Export as QR Code
  • Export Single Connection Share Link
  • Export Group Connection Share Link

# Connection Management

  • Real-time Speed & Data Usage Monitoring

    • Inbound / Outbound Statistics in Status Bar
    • Dedicated Speed Graph
  • Latency Testing (TCP)

    • Single Host Testing
    • Batched Testing