# Step 3: Adding Hosts into Qv2ray

Qv2ray supports many ways of importing your configuration. To get you started, we have just picked these most common use cases.

Share links generally looks like these:

  • vmess://...
  • ss://...

Follow these steps to import them:

  1. Click Import button in the main window, or import via link.
  2. In the Import File dialog, choose import source Share Link,
  3. Paste your share links into Share Link text box.
  4. Click on Import button to finish.

Batched Import

You can import multiple share links at a time. Make sure each link takes its single line.

Broken Links

Some broken share links may fail to import, but it doesn't matter. The detailed error will be shown on the right side. Also, it won't stop other entries in a batched import.

# Subscription

A subscription link usually looks like this: https://some-airport.domain/links/YjYyODk?sub=3

To import a subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Open GroupEditor by clicking Group button in main window.
  2. Click the Add Group icon button at the left-bottom corner in GroupEditor window.
  3. Select the created item in Group List, whose details will be shown on the right side.
  4. Switch to Subscription Settings panel and finalize the configuration:
    1. Name the group by editing Group Name.
    2. Check This group is a subscription.
    3. Specify these fields:
      • Subscription Address: Use your subscription link mentioned above.
      • Subscription Type: If the default value won't work, change this to another.
    4. Change these fields optionally:
      • Update Interval: Qv2ray will notify you when the subscription needs to be updated upon launching. Change this according to your own demands.
      • Importing Filters: Qv2ray can filter the nodes imported from your subscription when configured. You can figure this out by yourself.
  5. Click Update Subscription button and wait for completion.
  6. Click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog.

Update through System Proxy

If you encounter connectivity problem with your subscription upstream (eg: DNS Record Pollution, IP Address Blocking, etc.), you may try to run with Update Subscription with System Proxy option on. However, it's better to inform the upstream as soon as possible, to fix the issue permanently.

# Manual Configuration

  1. Click New in the lower left corner of the main window
  2. Fill in the Name/Prefix or leave it blank, or you can rename it after complete the configuration.
  3. Click Input Manually -> Open Connection Editor.
  4. Fill in the Tag. This tag will appear in the log. You can also leave it blank.
  5. Fill in Host and choose your proxy type.
  6. Config Misc Settings Optionally.
  7. Fill in Outbound settings and Stream Settings.
  8. Click OK to save your config.

# Import an existing configuration

If you are using v2ray-core, you can import an existing configuration file. Advanced -> Select, or Open JSON Editor and paste it.

About Preferences Failure

If you using complex config, Qv2ray will ignore settings in Preferences (such as routing).