A cross-platform V2Ray graphical front-end

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Qv2ray is a cross-platform v2ray graphical frontend written in Qt.

This project is now deprecated, see deprecation notice.

# 🚀 Getting Started

For most of our users, Getting-Started will help them set up Qv2ray in short time.

For detailed documentation of all functionalities, please view the User Manual.

# 📃 Features

Please view Features.

# ❓ FAQ

Please view FAQ.

# 👷 Contributing

There are many ways to help improve Qv2ray, even if you do not know how to code. Here are some of them:

  1. 🌐 Translations. Help to translate Qv2ray to more languages, or, improve the quality of current translations: You may find us at Crowdin (opens new window).
  2. 🐛 Reporting Bugs. Report bugs or incidents of Qv2ray, by posting an issue at issues (opens new window).
  3. 💡 Suggest New FeaturesGitHub - Qv2ray/Qv2ray (opens new window)
  4. ⚙️ Hacking Qv2ray. Check out and hack the code of Qv2ray, followed by high-quality pull requests!
  5. 📆 Ecology Volunteers. Help us maintain and organize the community of Qv2ray.
  6. ...and even more!